Wednesday 5 February 2014

Getting the middle classes to read about themselves - £3 off

My friend and colleague Mark Pack should have been chosen as Lib Dem blogger of the year last year. His posts are always intelligent, always thoughtful and always informed and his Lib Dem Newswire service is a major breakthrough.

And I speak as a Luddite who was editor of Liberal Democrat News in the days when it was produced with copious use of the fax machine.

I even turned on the PM programme yesterday to hear him interviewed about the niceties of blogging about potholes. The world is clearly changing.

I say this partly because it is true, and partly because Mark has written a very kind review of my new book Broke: How to Survive the Middle Class Crisis in the latest edition of Lib Dem Newswire. He says this:

"He effortlessly throws numerous provocative points at the reader, so silkily that it is easy to miss how controversial they are.”
I hope he meant this as a compliment. I certainly take it as such. But best of all, he has organised a special £3-off offer on the book.

You need to call 08445 768 122 before the end of the month, quote the code BrokeBoyle (an unfortunate new word, but let’s leave that on one side) – and you can buy the book for £5.99.

I hope the book’s thesis – the possible demise of the middle classes and what can be done about it – will indeed prove controversial. So much so, that I hope readers of this blog write in and remonstrate with me about it...

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