Friday 8 May 2015

First thoughts on electoral disaster

The Liberal Revival has been woven through my life, and especially my adult life.  I wrote this in the early hours of this morning for the Guardian Comment section.


housescheaperbettermore said...

The biggest failure was to lose the AV referendum. That's when I tore up my L-D party card after 30 years! (So it was the Liberal Party that I had joined.)

But the lacklustre performance by L-Ds, the stupidity of having it on the same day as assembly elections, the failure to threaten Cameron BEFOREHand.

Just this one victory would have justified Coalition. L-D failure justifies the wipeout.

Blissex said...

«They felt that the outcome would a cut but not so big cut in the size of the party, with the benefit of the complete destruction of the "dem" component of the party. As to the latter: "mission accomplished!" But the price apparently was returning the size of the party to the "core" Liberal ethnic/tribal areas.»

The probable next leader seems to think that this objective has been successful:

«Tim Farron, the bookies’ favourite to be named the party’s next leader, has hinted at a possible change of name from the Liberal Democrats to simply “the Liberals”»