Wednesday 2 November 2011

Why the protesters are going to win - in the end

Because neither Labour nor Conservatives now represent the middle classes, and - although the middle classes may not identify with the Occupy protests - they do feel furious, not just with the banks but with our extractive financial system. 

Labour and Conservatives - and let's face it - much of the Lib Dems remain trapped in the old paradigm, that somehow wealth must trickle down, when it quite patently trickles up.  No political force is prepared to take on the financial system and hammer out ways of making it humane and effective.

But what the middle classes want, they tend to get:

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Anonymous said...

Respected sir
Why the protesters are going win at the end is """" we are in modern society that is 1. we have the information up to date how the corporate sector is dancing(some parentage)against the middle and low classes). 2. we have the chance to fight against this crude(not 100%)corporate sector by the method that noncooperation with them.
So the corporates were want the support of governments, so the protest are cumming in the society.

Ramesh kamuni