Friday 18 November 2011

Are there better kinds of efficiency?

And while we are about it - on the 200th anniversary of the start of the Luddite campaign - was there anything we might learn from the Luddites before we consign them to another century of oblivion?  Fro example: the critical importance of real human beings in our public service systems.

That is what I said at the recent RSA debate with Halima Khan and John Seddon, and this is the audio of the debate:

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Alastair Dryburgh said...

I was at this talk, and it's well worth a listen. At the end I asked a question: given your advocacy localism and individual inspiration, what role is there for central bureaucracy?

On further thought, these came up:

*Setting a minimum standard;
* Holding local organisation to account - some, we hope most, will use greater freedom to be brilliant, but others will unfortunately take the chance to be useless or corrupt;
* Sharing skills and good ideas.

How you do this is the question. Happy to continue the conversation.