Wednesday 23 January 2013

Barriers to choice review published tomorrow

Very quietly, and with a great deal of getting up early in the morning to catch trains, I have been carrying out an independent review for the Treasury and Cabinet Office on 'barriers to choice'.

The review emerged out of the debate inside government about whether there should be a legal right to choose, between schools, hospitals, social care providers and so on - and the realisation that there was very little information about whether people were actually using the choices they had been given.  Especially disadvantaged people.

Well, the report is now ready and will be published tomorrow.  The government will also give an initial response, and we will be publishing the polling which Ipsos Mori carried out for the review at the same time.

I can't say what we found, or what I recommended, until tomorrow.  Or provide you with a link, but the report will be up in the news section of the Cabinet Office website.  But I hope it will go some way to shifting the debate about choice, which has become embattled and stuck.

I will say more tomorrow!

(Note: this is what I wrote the following day about the review)

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