Monday 6 December 2010

Eminent Corporations gets review

This is kind of immodest of me, but how can I sell my new book (Eminent Corporations) if I don't pass on the review in the Financial Times this morning?

OK, it is the other side of a log in (which is free).  OK, they call me Daniel not David.  But it is good to be noticed, and I can't help feeling - what with Caroline Spelman's outrageous decision to allow the sale of cloned meat and milk without labelling - that the strange history of Britain's big companies needs telling now more than ever.


Joe Otten said...

What's the problem with cloned meat and milk?

David Boyle said...

It destroys economic diversity, undermines local economies, makes people more dependent on government (it's also very cruel: cloned animals tend to die early and painfully). Worst of all, Caroline Spelman has ruled out labelling, so we can't exercise choice even if we wanted to. So much for open markets.